Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Roni Horn

A Kind of You: 6 Portraits by Roni Horn
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art Melbourne, Aug-Sept

Each image is like a comma or pause in a sentence that gives us a story that we must construct intuitively.
Bronwyn Loxton

Horn shows us that the slightest change in expression can make the difference between vulnerability and dominance.
Chloe Snait

You are the Weather constantly shows the one girl with the same expression but relies on differences in background content and use of colour and colour temperature to provide feelings of different seasons, such as bright summers and dark & cold winters.
Jayden Leggett

Roni Horn's elusive images invoke a compelling sense of investigation into the interior monologues of her chosen subjects, reflecting and representing their own personal changes through altering environments, emotional states and stages of their life.
Louise Pilkington

Her gaze follows you around the symmetrical room in a taunting mischievous manner.
Renee Verkerk

This exhibition depicts the range of different expressions created by the emotions that people express in their life.
Carly Lagana

Portrait of an image, a beautiful series, the French actress Isabelle Huppert plays a roll for each set, at times she is very confronting other times restrained.
Christina Shiels

Encompassing, there is no escaping the raw emotion.
Tara Marinucci

Each imperfection and every beauty (Isabelle Huppert) are subjected to the world’s eyes.
Keely Frearson & Stephanie Mercoulia

The images of Isabelle Huppert show the over-saturation of movie stars – an image that we have forced upon us on a daily basis.
Michael Burgess

There is a strong sense of history and substance in the repetition of the photography.
Kate Sheehan

The series allows us to closely examine the bodily process of expression, showing us fragments of a multi-layered personality.
Sarah Schade

Horn casts a shroud of ambiguity over her weather watchers.
Jonathan Encavey

You can see these pictures like a time lapse, where the atmosphere, colour of the water and the time of day give different expressions of the face.
Camilla Rabben

The clown head uncontrollably and violently rolls around and around, smearing those demanding, painted red lips over the image.
Sorcha Wicox

Face, raw and fleshy.
Ben Callinan

Distorted muted faces remind the viewer of a childhood memory that varies slightly each time you revisit it.
Angela Lang

This exhibition creates a desire in the viewer to note Horn’s style, alter it slightly, build on it and produce one’s own version of many moments in time.
Megan Kenny

I see the series as a wind blowing through the room. The tone of the pictures changes from warm to cold, as the strength of the wind would change.
Margrethe Stenevik
image: Roni Horn, You are the Weather 2002, 2003, courtesy ACCA
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